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The idea for the Stonehenge watch was conceived in 1980 by noted author Peter Payack. Mr. Payack sent his good friend Steve Sharpe (an architectural student at the time) a homemade postcard with a collage depicting a pocket watch with a picture of Stonehenge pasted on the dial with the headline, "Gentleman's Watch", our new improved calendar model, guaranteed for 5,000 years! It also insured the buyer that one could "predict an eclipse".

Intrigued by the concept of a Stonehenge pocket watch, Mr. Sharpe spent the next year designing what was to become the Stonehenge Watch for which he was awarded a patent from the United States Patent Office. Thereafter, Mr. Sharpe turned to his brother, George, for assistance in building the first watch. George Sharpe, an expert in design fabrication, spent countless hours overseeing the development of the actual molds needed to manufacture the watch. While the Stonehenge watch was in the process of being manufactured, Peter Payack went to work on writing the Parody of the watch known as Stonehenge Unraveled which is an amusing interpretation of the uses of the Stonehenge Pocket Watch

Finally in 1982 the original Stonehenge Watch was offered to the general public. Almost immediately, the watch gained worldwide attention and was featured in a British television documentary on Stonehenge. In fact, the original Stonehenge Watch is now on display in the Salisbury Museum in England. (The Stonehenge Monument sits only miles away on the Salisbury Plain.)

During the mid-1990's we at Sharpe Products Inc. made yet another trip to England in order to negotiate with officials at English Heritage in London for the inclusion and the sale of the Stonehenge Pocket Watch at the site itself. We were successful at this venture and it proved to be a milestone in the success of the company.

After years of refinement, Sharpe Products Incorporated has updated the original watch, maintaining all of its original uniqueness and charm, while at the same time incorporating improvements that make it easier to use and enjoy.

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